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  1. Pen Lister
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    Thanks for the input – it’s really important we think about how diverse creative learning is and how to foster greatness and unique ideas. I also love your ‘what is learning for some could be rubbish for another’ comment – the problem is, when we mark (in creative disciplines) the subjective view of the marker comes into play far too significantly. No idea how we could prevent that. What I do hate is that many lecturers would dispute this happens.

  2. Wassila Howes
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    Good stuff here! Though I personally do believe in metrics guiding our life for the right things to learn and the right things do. The difference is in the interpretation of what is construed to be right or wrong…good or bad. What is good for one could be bad for another. Who’s to say one is right and the other is wrong? Still, I’m not one for conformity, it’s also what feels best, guided by one’s internal compas. There are many things in life where metrics can never really apply… Everyone can find it in him/herself: The Wow Factor! Who’s to say how its defined?… How its dissected?…What are its Elements or proven Theories? Imagination, Creativity, Innovation…they all have so many dimensions which could never be boxed, labelled and incapsulated to be really defined and classified in ‘a’ particular and recognised way… It’s something to do with: Diversity. Inspiration. Love. Endeavour. Yearning. Accomplishment… So many emotions and experiences, mingled and entangled, not always clear cut and meaningful, though with a definite unique effect…positive or negative depending on the circumstances at hand…sometimes a propelling one too! What is learning for some could be rubbish for another…Greatness is a reflection of one’s own perceptions and, if this is what one sees in the mirror, then it’s fine as long as no one is hurt or broken, but rather happy and thriving:)

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