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  1. Joe
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    Luckily, I did my UK education before Thatcher arrived, and then finished off with extra diplomas and an MA outside of the UK. Even in those days education on the continent was still state funded, and so much cheaper.

    Don’t people in England look outside of the shores of the UK for educational possibilities? The cost of an MA (or BA) is not very expensive in Europe. Universities in Paris, Berlin, Belgium and Holland, to name a few, have very good reputations in most areas, and some (many) of them do their programs in English.

    The cost of living is also another attractive side to that possibility, Berlin, as an example, is a very ‘happening’ place and living costs are low. Same applies to Holland and Belgium, although Paris can be a bit pricey.

  2. Sadaf
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    Not only the UK citizens/ students it’s also the same for the international students who are interested to apply for the good universities but they can’t because of the high fees and somehow if they manage to arrange the fees then the next problem is living expense. So, now-a-days as the competition is very high is the job market the quality education is getting more expensive. Universities are selling their degrees and education system is becoming more like a business.

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