Appendices Contents

The Reflective Blog

Updates on the process of carrying out the project, the problems I encountered, and what caused the most doubt or confidence in how to proceed, or how to fully interpret what was being seen in results or literature. Also contains some breakthrough places where I worked out how to create the analysis systems, and how to use all the data to create a ‘whole’.  The author reserves the right for some of this content to be messy, badly thought out or informal. This section is included in the assessed work, as honest reflections during the project.

Planning work, Rights and Downloads

  • Rights
    • The creative commons licensing, citing advice and a form for contacting the author about use of the work
  • Downloads
    • All files available for download, in PDF format
  • Participants
    • List of who took part, with roles and international locations. Names are withheld. This page is password protected to help ensure anonymity of participants
  • The Project Plan
    • Gantts, Theoretical models, sketches and plans – rough work included to show some of the early process ideas
  • The Literature Review Plan
    • Proposed list of sources. The draft list that acted as a working document for what was included, and what wasn’t. Also includes the codes used in the theme allocation table