RG1 Analysis

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 Research Group 1 Data

  • Technical Profile Question Set Results
  • Technical Profile Question Sets to Literature Themes
    • Technical Profile Questions theme correlation
    • Top themes correlation responses 1 (responses to top 6 themes ata glance)
    • Top themes correlation responses 2 (respones to top 6 themes by theme)
  • Question sets key findings results for Top themes
  • Technical Profile to RDI Indicator
  • The RDI indicator relationship to the PBH (v2)


Question Set Results

See below for the Technical Profile Questions data. All data was gathered online using the Typeform beta application, where the researcher was granted an unlimited beta account for user testing purposes. Please refer to the full question sets available on the Technical Profiles Questions page for details of all the questions.

Set 1. Technology in your academic life


Set 2. Technology amongst the staff population


Set 3. Technology in your organisation


Set 4. Technology in teaching scenarios


Set 5: Technology amongst the student population


Set 6. Technology in your future work-life balance


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