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RG2 Analysis: Page 2

RG2 Analysis

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RG2: Context Category Presence to PBH

Using the contextual Categories developed from the literature review to enable themes to be placed into the first Problems and Benefits Hierarchy, the data from RG2 was also ranked into approximate groupings, to add validity to initial contextual placings. Rather than counting instances (which was not appropriate for this type of data, which was discussions), only the presence of a context factor was indicated. Data from both the LinkedIn and the ResearchGate discussions was used.

Table 4: showing context category of responses present in relation to PBH

Problems and Benefits Hierarchy v 3

The third iteration of the Problems and Benefits Hierarchy can now be compiled, showing additional contextual ranking data, with a some confirmation overall of placings for themes in the five domains of the hierarchy.

Table 5: showing iteration 3 of the Problems and Benefits Hierarchy, with contextual ranking scores from RG2 added to literature contextual ranking scores



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