Research Projects


The research area of the site is concerned with research I am involved in. I have interests in areas of technology uptake in academic scenarios, as well as researching future ways of multiple digital content use and sharing, and the monetization of user generated authentic content in social web.

See below for projects and proposals:

1. MA Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Dissertation

The research project is entitled An exploration of key factors influencing (promoting or hindering) current & future use of technologies in Learning and Teaching, with relevance to metropolitan universities. The complete submitted artefact (actual assessed work) is all available online, click the link below.

>> MA Research Dissertation



2. Future draft research project proposals

Proposals are in development for:

  • Multi-use content in Academic Communities – establishing ways forward to enhance student experience and academic staff engagement in mutually shared content environments
  • Monetise your mind: a conceptual analysis of methods for developing commercial income generation models benefitting both users and the brands they care about
  • Smart Training – using technology profiling to personalise staff development initiatives in universities