Taking Part in the Research

Information for those taking part in the research:


Researcher bias

I will seek to ask questions in a fair and objective way, and though I am a web technologies professional, do not have any strongly held views on the uptake of technology in teaching scenarios. I do not have any expectations of the results and findings of this research.

Stakeholder bias

It is always possible that each stakeholder answers questions with some individual bias, and as no obvious ‘control’ group is taking part, I am seeking to even out bias by selecting a group of respondents from a variety of academic working roles.

Consent and Privacy

Primary Research

Please note that names, emails, current place of work and job titles will be recorded, in order to evidence that responses are true and accurate, and to make relevant reference to your own situation or geographical location.

All responses are separated from names and emails, to ensure full confidentiality. I will state this at the end of each set of questions, for you to click an ‘accept’ button, before you submit your responses. Naturally, you can withdraw at any time during the research, and are under no obligation to complete all the question sets.

If it becomes relevant to associate a particular response with the source individual, I will contact you for permission.

The research is purely for academic purposes, to shed more light on the increasing significance that technology has on our work and personal lives in the context of higher education, and how that might impact further adoption of technology in teaching scenarios and university life in general.

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