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Data Gathering in Context for Purpose

Something I keep returning to is how best to analyse and interpret data in relation to how I’d like to finally use it with the PBH (Problems and Benefits Hierarchy). I have two main sets of data: Literature Data and what I previously referred to as Primary Research Data – now renamed Research Group Data, as all the data is… Read more →

Using a LinkedIn group

The LinkedIn group ‘Higher Education Teaching and Learning’ is a very busy and dynamic group, hosting a huge number of discussions with academics from all over the world taking part. I didn’t know if it would be a worthwhile exercise to start a new discussion for my research, but I gave it a go.

Analysing the Data #1

Analysing the Data #1

Thoughts about how to approach the analysis of results from multiple sources, meaningfully and ‘robustly’. Using several methods to illustrate results and then cross reference those into ‘summary graphs or charts. All relevant material can then be referenced or even transferred to the report.